TheWorks Profiler™ Profiling Tools

TheWorks Profiler™  Test Battery

When assessing candidates, groups of tools, referred to as a ‘Test Battery’, will produce necessary insights into a broad range of characteristics.


Combining several assessment tools, for a more holistic view of a person's qualities drives greater clarity in decision making on the best candidate for the role.  

For example - When hiring for a leadership role, it's important to know how they lead, relate to others and their capacity to learn.  In this scenario, typically we would recommend a Test Battery such as the MAP-EFI-ART 'Test Battery'.  More on the tools and service tiers below.

​We also offer a range of other ability assessments which further complements your chosen Test Battery, should additional insights into a candidate's abilities be required. 

Motivations are internal drivers and tend to be relatively stable day-to-day. Preferences also drive our actions, these however are connected externally to the context in which a person finds themselves  (for example, the people they work with, the culture of the organisation or processes and procedures used in that business)

Ideal for:

  • Current and Future leaders

  • Individuals


  • Greater confidence in selection decisions

  • Getting the most out of the person

  • Understand their motivations and preferences

  • Understand how best to manage the person

  • Selection and Development

  • Clarity around likely behaviour

  • Strengths & development opportunities made clear

  • Measures & reports on 28 factors

  • ~45 to complete

  • Online administration